Reducing our carbon emissions one step at a time

Carbon is all around us and it has been produced naturally for years and years, however the problem is now with the extensive creation of extra carbon emissions that are bad for our planet.

CO2 is one of the greenhouse gases that absorbs radiation and stops heat from leaving our atmosphere. This leads to an excessive amount of heat build up that causes a disturbance to the weather. Higher global temperatures can further lead to health complications such as heat stroke and environmental impacts – in particular the melting of the ice caps that is causing a larger amount of flooding and loss of habitat.

There are a variety of ways that we can all help in lowering our carbon emissions so to protect the atmosphere, wildlife, environment and ourselves.

Here are some top tips on how to reduce your carbon emissions!

• Turn off the lights when you aren’t in the room and/or are not using them
• Unplug and turn off what is not in use – when things within your home are using electricity but are not being used, they can be switched off – such as household items including microwaves, chargers and many more!
• Don’t use your dryer!
• Turn the water off whilst you are brushing your teeth – leaving the tap on whilst you brush can lead to an average of four gallons being wasted
• Switch to paperless billing – instead of getting bills through the post, you can swap to getting them sent to you electronically – this saves both time and money and less paper waste being thrown away
• Movement sensing lights – within the office, movement sensing lights are a great way to cut down on your electricity usage – this means that the lights will turn off when they have not sensed any movement within a certain period of time. This is beneficial as it means that the lights will not be accidentally left on for a long amount of time
• Use a reusable water bottle
• Carpool to work!
• Cut back on single-use plastics – single use plastics are very damaging to the planet, firstly through their production and then when they are discarded. Using your cutlery from home, using a reusable water bottle, metal straws etc
• Meatless Mondays!
• Eat your leftovers – that means not leaving them in the fridge and popping to the shop for something else

And many, many more!

By using any of these quick tips and tricks, you can help lower carbon emissions within your household and office. Together we can lower it and make our planet healthy again.


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