Recycle Right this Christmas!

Over the Christmas period we sometimes forget that a lot of the products we are using can be recycled and furthermore can be purchased in a sustainable version. As December rolls around and the shops start to ship in and sell their large varieties of wrapping papers, gift bags, cards and ribbons, when purchasing these products, we should be looking for options that can be reused or easily recycled.

Handy tip (1) when you are searching the stores for recyclable paper choices, steer clear from the products that use glitter and have been laminated (show a glossy shine to the inside), these items cannot be recycled and will have to be put into the general waste.

Handy tip (2) before recycling your recyclable paper, remove all Sellotape from the paper, if this is not removed then it can mean the paper is left non-recyclable

Handy tip (3) when cooking our Christmas dinners some of us tend to use foil trays to avoid the washing up at the end (come on, you know that’s why). However, in order to be able to recycle these they need to be thoroughly cleaned and can then be scrunched up into a tight ball, this helps with the recycling process later down the line.

Local services tend to run special rounds of collections to gather all the discarded trees after the Christmas period is over and the new year rolls around. However, if this is not an option around your area then they can alternatively be taken to your local recycling centre, this information can be sourced from your local authority’s website. Ensure that when you are discarding of your tree you remove all the decorative additions and pots that may be used.

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