Keeping you Covid safe!

We have been working hard to ensure that we can offer a range of services during the pandemic in order to keep workers safe. As the government rolls out the guidelines for the reopening of the events industry, there may be other recommendations/obligations that event promotors now have to look at.

Please see our range of Covid-19 Precautions that we can provide for your event;

Uniformed sanitising crews for all events, in addition to the normal cleaning compliment
It is important that not only event sanitisation be undertaken to the highest standard, but you clients can see that it is being done.

Working along side our standard event cleaning team we can offer you dedicated uniformed sanitisation crew to work on your event. This means that not only do they give you and your guests the knowledge that a managed sanitisation programme is in place during your event but that they are highly visible when carrying out their duties, giving the confidence that your event is safe and you are doing all you can to combat the spread of Covid-19.

Cleaning team is kept separate from the sanitising crew
While the cleaning crew would contribute to sanitising the event space it’s crucial that they are not depended on to cover additional sanitisation work. A cross over would diminish the standard of cleaning that TD would expect, and have a knock-on effect to the event and building.

Sanitising crew to have individual scope of works developed for each event
A tailor-made scope of sanitising would be put in place for each event. Specifically focussing on hand rails, door handles, toilet entries, food and refreshment leaning and service points, reception and delegate / ticket sign in / collection points, exhibition stands and any points highlighted by the client where there is guest interaction.

Check point form / electronic register at various points around spaces to confirm sanitising route
We would programme the route and frequency of the sanitisation crew around the event, each main point on the route would be subject to a timed check record. Either electronic or paper. This would mean that at the end of each days event the client would have evidence that not only was sanitisation carried out but how often and at what times.

Client reception sanitising point check in (staffed or standalone)
Nukleen would be able to manage the sanitisation aspect of your guest check in and reception. Whether this a stand-alone hand gel dispenser or a manned facility personally distributing hand cleanser.

Automatic dispensers (not manual for hand gel)
Nukleen have a range of dispensers for hand gel, from stand alone lolly pop style (both manual and automatic) to an array of table top dispensers in all styles and types, including non-alcohol-based products for guests who have allergies.

PPE availability at Client reception
Nukleen can provide you with all types or Personal Protective Equipment, which you may want to make available to guests at check in. This includes masks and gloves.

Sanitisation packs can also be provided including personal hand gel, wipes, mask and gloves. It is also possible to have these embossed with the client logo.

Sanitising event space pre show call
It is essential to ensure that your staff and guests arrive in a sanitised space for the start of your event. Nukleen use an Electro static sanitising process, that quickly and efficiently sanitises areas for events use. This could be included as a standalone pre decontamination or / and included on any service cleans per day of hire. The current system means that the space is available for use 15 minutes after application.

Controlled and certified disposal of sanitising materials
Nukleen are a licenced waste operator and can dispose of contaminated PPE generated by you event and provide you with a certified Waste Transfer Note (WTF) for your records following the event.

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