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The energy crisis is unprecedented and is one of the main factors driving the cost of living crisis.

It was reported that last October, 4.5 million UK households were in fuel poverty, now National Energy Action (NEA) estimates there are around 6.7 million.

By the end of April this month they predict it will increase to a devastating 7.5 million.


It is important that we do all that we can to reduce our energy consumption, see our top 5 tips below, every little helps;

  1. Unplug equipment when not in use
    Appliances that are always plugged in are slowly wearing down the wiring and components. This can lead to a shortened lifespan for the appliance, as well as an increased risk of fire. Even when they are turned off, appliances still use a small amount of energy known as phantom energy. Over time, this can add up to a significant amount of wasted electricity and a higher electric bill.
  2. Install LED Lights
    LEDs use much less energy to provide the same amount of light as other forms of lighting. One of the main reasons LEDs are so efficient is that most of their energy is used to solely create light, rather than creating light and heat, as less efficient forms of lighting do.
  3. Ensure Energy efficient equipment
    Energy efficient appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, and the overall dependency on fossil fuels and oils. All these actions are beneficial to fight against climate change.
  4. Better insulation on your home or work place
    Insulation is one of the most efficient ways to save energy at home or the work place since it keeps it warm in the winter and cool in the summer it protects us from heat loss, cutting fuel bills and allowing us to make a better contribution to the environment.
  5. Reduce water consumption
    Reducing our water consumption can save money and preserves the environment and ensure water is available during emergencies like droughts. It also can help protect the ecosystem by ensuring animals and plants do not go extinct.

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