Earth week was first held in 1970 and the meaning has never swayed from its originally meaning that this week is meant to offer support and raise awareness for the environmental protection that everyone should be implementing in their lives.

This year Earth Day will be held on April 22nd however here at Nu Group we will be celebrating earth week from the 16th to the 22nd of April.

Here are some tips that you can use in support of earth week;

Avoid Plastic Disposables –A throw away plastic bottle can take around 450 years to fully breakdown so why not switch to permanent re-usable water bottles to help the earth just that little bit. Here at Nu Group, we use sustainable eco products with trigger-spray bottles that are re-used.

Eat Local – Using local farms, butchers and stores rather than high end supermarkets can make a difference. Eating locally has less food miles as it has not travelled to far from the local farms to your shops. Nu Group’s owner Mark has a total of 50 been hives where he cares and grows his colonies providing honey for our clients, by doing this he is stopping them going into extinction due to the climate changes and pollution.

Recycling – This is always a big topic when it comes to helping our earth, by recycling you can reduce waste build up and contaminated plastic that can’t be recycled.

Nu Group helps our earth by offering a multi waste stream bin service, our clients can request multiple bins to make sure that any general mixed waste is kept separate from items that can be recycled and re-used.

If you would like to help Nu Group make the earth a better place by following the 3 above tips you can make a great difference however small you may feel it is, it matters.

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