Greener waste management solutions

As the in-house cleaning and waste management supplier for Tobacco Dock, we have the responsibility of implementing a strategy to dispose, reduce, reuse and prevent waste – all of which is processed as General Mixed and Glass Waste.

Our systematic process, segregates the General and Glass Waste by colour coded bins which are used to identify the different waste streams, The Glass Waste is then directly collected by a local supplier that specialises in glass recycling – achieving a 100% recycling rate and ensuring nothing goes to waste.

New initiatives throughout our business

We work in a responsible manner, using NTRL products – a chemical free cleaning alternative, as well as pre-dosed sachets, completely eliminating our use of single-use plastics where possible. Learn more.

Throughout our events, venues and our business, bespoke recycling packages allow us to recycle 100% of waste, even down to our compostable bin bags. Learn more.

Nu Trees
Nu Group plant 1,000 trees per year, which help to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and expel oxygen – reducing the rate of global warming. Learn more.

Nu Bees
Bee populations play an essential role in our eco-system, but their population is threatened by climate change and pollution. At Nu Group we have our own dedicated apiary, with over 50 colonies with an aim to grow this year on year. Learn more.

Tobacco Dock now a ‘Zero to Landfill’ site

The General Mixed Waste collected around the venue is transported via our bins and processed through our demountable compactor – stored in loading bay 1. The compactor waste is collected post event and transported to a MRF (material recovery facility), which is then segregated using an advanced mechanical and manual system, ensuring that all recyclable items are processed for market and non-recyclable materials are sent for processing into energy.

The waste is transported by a single vehicle to a local facility only 8 miles away from site, having a direct impact on reducing the events carbon footprint. With this method, we have assisted Tobacco Dock in becoming a zero to landfill site.

Recyclability & sustainability at every opportunity

In partnership with the Venues catering supplier, Tobacco Dock Food, we have now implemented a full food waste management contingency plan that ensures that 100% of kitchen food waste is recycled via anaerobic digestion allowing us to further improve our recycling capabilities on-site.

All collected food waste is transported off-site to a facility where it is pumped through a series of temperature-controlled tanks and carefully monitored to ensure the various bacteria has the optimal conditions to digest the food effectively and create biogas.

After 72 hours, the waste is used to generate electricity and biogas, which is filtered, screened for purity and finally fed back into the National Grid, helping to supply homes and businesses with clean, renewable energy.

Passing on the benefits of food waste

Once all the potential energy has been released and the waste fully digested, the leftover material is no longer waste, but a useful, high-quality fertiliser for Farmers meeting the PAS110 standard.

This material is provided to local farms which helps them to produce more food and revitalise the land without the need for chemical alternatives.

As new food is produced and consumed, inevitably it will generate unavoidable waste and the cycle begins again. The food waste collection services ensures that your food waste is fully recycled and contributing to the closed-loop economy.

A large portion of the of the waste collection vehicle fleet are fuelled using the biogas, ensuring they are ultra-low emission compliant and are quite literally powered by the food.

Covering every detail – even Eco Friendly Loo Roll

We have recently overhauled the venues entire toilet roll system, introducing a dispenser that helps reduce average usage and allowed us to adopt an Eco natural toilet roll range.This innovative toilet roll range breaks down used drink cartons, which are made from cellulose fibres, to develop a pulp product called Fibrepack.

This material is then used to make the paper that provides strength, absorbency and softness of a premium product whilst also making a conscious effort to reduce the carbon footprint. Whilst the pulp is used to make the Fibrepack for the toilet rolls, the aluminium and polyethylene parts of the beverage cartons are also broken down and used to create the eco dispensers. Therefore, the dispenser and paper are completely made from recycled material.

Safer, cleaner and efficient cleaning products

We also use NTRL cleaning products throughout the building for general cleaning. The range offers reusable trigger bottles which are re-filled rather than replaced to reduce plastic consumption. The bottles are made from 100% consumer recycled plastic, reducing CO2 emissions by 85% compared to virgin plastic. All products use vegan friendly raw materials and come from a sustainable UK production plant.

The range offers a safer, cleaner and efficient cleaning process whilst further reducing the carbon footprint.

Committed to a cleaner planet inside and out

Our unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation extends far beyond our business practises and processes at the venue.

Nu Group are committed to affecting change within the Event and Facilities management industries and are taking direct action to reduce our waste and emissions through our eco-friendly initiatives. We are striving to achieve a net zero carbon footprint to mitigate the impact of our operations on the planet.

I have had the pleasure to have worked with Nu-Group over many, many years and they always deliver. They are a very well and long-established business who continue to evolve and meet current guidelines. They are unfailingly supportive and quick to respond. I look forward to working with you all again & thank you all so very much, as always.

Angela Honeyman
Event Business Owner

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