World Water Week – 20th-24th August 2023

World Water Week 2023 is focused on innovation at a time of unprecedented challenges. The theme Seeds of Change: Innovative Solutions for a Water-Wise World invites us to rethink how we manage water.

World Water Week has been organised every year since 1991 by Stockholm International Water Institute. They tackle the biggest challenges of our time which all begins with water. Many people join the conference to share their ideas, learn from others and to create new ideas on food security, health agriculture, technology, and climate change. It is an important week where policymakers and institutions meet to discuss the processes related to water, development, and climate.

5 Important Facts About Water

  • It is a short-term guest
    On an empty stomach, water leaves your stomach five minutes after drinking it.
  • It is all in your head
    The human brain consists of about 73% water.
  • Every drop counts
    A leaky tap that drips one drop per second can waste more than 2,985 gallons a year.
  • Its quantity hasn’t changed
    There is the same amount of water on Earth as there was when the Earth was formed.
  • It is more essential than food
    A person can live without food for about a month, but only for about a week without water.

World Water week is running between the 20th and 24th of August 2023.

Water is the “primary medium through which we will feel the effect of climate change” according to the UN. In England the average person uses 142 litres of water per day with the population growing water use will rise with it and the climate will continue being damaged which will affect future water resources in the UK and many other Countries. By making small changes we can become more vigilant and purposeful with how we use water in our house, workplaces and in general day to day life.

At the Nu Group, we encourage you to think about all the ways you can manage your water usage.

Here’s a few ways that we have managed our water usage and effect on the climate change;

  • Stop the Drip – Say no to leaky taps!
  • No dish rinse – It’s a common myth that dishes should be rinsed before going in the dishwasher!
  • Reuse water waste – reuse different types of waste water and reduce your water consumption.
  • Flush right! Avoid flushing away cotton wool balls, make up tissues or disposable nappies.
  • Invest in a Water butt! With a water butt you could save thousands of litres of fresh water.
  • Half full kettle – try to fill the kettle with only what is needed to make your hot drinks!
  • Use Microfibre Cloths – they don’t absorb as much water as a regular cloth!
World Water Week – an annual event on global water issues hosted by the Stockholm International Water Institute

WORLD WATER WEEK – August 20-24, 2023 – National Today

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