Helping your mental health with having dogs in the office

Scientific evidence that our small furry friends make us happier has been proven true!

There are many studies which have been run that show even the smallest interactions with dogs can cause the human brain to produce oxytocin – this hormone is commonly referred to as the ‘cuddle chemical’!

Oxytocin has been known to increase the feelings of relaxation and trust whilst minimising feelings of stress and anxiety – which is perfect for the office environment.

One of our team members has recently bought a little puppy called Teddy who has been adopted in as our office dog ( and we can confirm that he has definitely made us all happier)

One member of staff commented that they were having a slow and bad morning but as they came into the office and saw Teddy, their mood was instantly boosted.

Since Teddy has received such good feedback on his hard work, he has been promoted to Director of Happiness and Joy – Well done Teddy

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